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2024 Season

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Delia & Matthew

Coordinated By: David Torres 

We worked with David from Sara's team and he was wonderful. We had a call with David 6 weeks out from our wedding day and he put us immediately at ease. We went over all the details of the wedding and he help curate the perfect wedding day schedule to make sure everything we wanted to do was included. He also made sure to ask us what we wanted to get out of our wedding so he could do his best to make it happen which is something we really appreciated and showed how much he truly cared about making sure this day was everything we wanted and more. He was knowledgable and any questions we had he answered without hesitation. On the actual day of the wedding he was our go to guy and any request or issue he handled with the up most professionalism. He allowed us to live in the moment and not sweat the small stuff and because of that we had the most amazing time at our wedding. We highly recommend working with David and Sara's team to make sure your day is just as fabulous and memorable. We still talk about what a life saver David was that weekend.

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